Registration of ships under the flag of the Republic of Moldova

  • Фото: Registration of ships under the flag of the Republic of Moldova

Registration of ships and yachts under the flag of the Republic of Moldova
Karagheaur Law Office is a law office based in Republic of Moldova.
Office provides a full range of legal services, with a large amount of business working with international clients in the Moldavian market and Moldavian clients in the international market.
In our company successfully works department of maritime law that provides a wide range of services in this area. We are an official agent of public institution “Harbor master Giurgiulesti” who is a state organization supervising the safety of navigation, both in ports and inland waterway, and also is responsible for the registration of ships under the flag of the Republic of Moldova.
Republic of Moldova is considered to be one “if not the best” place in the world to register ships.
The benefits of registering a vessel under the flag of the Republic of Moldova is applicable to ship owners, boat owners, yacht owners or sailboat owners, shipping companies, ship owners and merchant shipping companies.
It is important to mention other great advantages of the Republic of Moldova register:
• Under time of vessel registration and other operations in Registry;
• Registration takes only 1 day in case all documents availability at ship-owner side;
• Reduced fees and rates for primal registration and annual renewal comparing to other flags
• No constraints for registering vessel’s age;
• Availability of discounts for vessels not older than 10 years;
• No restrictions to crew nationality;
• Most Favored Nation Treatment regime in most of the World’s ports;
• Has no association or image of country of “flag of convenience”. International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) doesn’t include Moldova in “Flag of convenience country” list;
• Republic of Moldova has no image of “offshore zone” (in definition of World Bank or legislation of other countries) ;
• Republic of Moldova is full member of International Maritime Organization (IMO) as well Danube commission;
• There are no limits on registration and river and sea-river vessels of all ages and types are welcome.
Tariffs for the registration of vessels in Moldova are very favorable. The gross tonnage of the vessel forms the basis for the tariff but the type and age of the vessel are also taken into account.
Thank you in advance for your attention. We would also like to inform you that we are happy to answer for all your questions and look forward to your counter-proposals!

Our office is located in the Republic of Moldova, Chisinau city, Tighina 65 street, 202 office. Our contacts: Thelephone number (+373 22) 93 02 94; mobile number (+373) 79427320, fax: (+373 22) 93 02 94 Our official site www. avocatlk. md, email office@avocatlk. md, skype-avocatlk.

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